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CPTN Certifications

CPTN is proud of its comprehensive certification programs. Working with a dedicated group of professionals from across Canada, the mission statement of the program reflects the goals of the CPTN Certification Committee: To develop comprehensive national and international certifications which set standards of excellence to ensure safe and effective training sessions and to reflect the needs and changes within the fitness and lifestyle industry.

Certification Programs

Specialist Certification Programs In Partnership With CPTN

Benefits of CPTN Certification Include:

  • Preapproval for Liability Insurance from vetted policy providers
  • National recognition of commitment to the highest standards of excellence
  • Public listing on CPTN’s Certified Trainer Search to aid in referrals
  • Being able to earn CECs with professional Online Courses courses and workshops
  • Being eligible to join CPTN’s leadership team of Practical Assessors, Course Conductors and Mentors
  • Being able to start own business as a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Certification Transfer to CPTN-CPT

You might be eligible to transfer an existing CPT certification from another organization to become a CPTN-CPT. Your certification status should be current or no more than 6 months overdue. You will be required to provide documentation.

Certification Renewal for CPTN Trainers

To maintain your CPTN certification status, you are required to renew each year or every 2 years. Renewal requires 7 CECs to renew for one year or 14 CECs to renew for two years. You are also required to submit updated First Aid and CPR Level C certifications. Courses which are not CPTN approved must be Petitioned for screening and can earn a maximum of 7 CECs. One hour of continuing education equals 1 CPTN CEC up to a maximum of 7 CECs per petition.

Note: CPTN requires updated First Aid and CPR to become certified and recertified even if training demographic is considered risk free. CPTN will honour the renewal period or expiration date listed on cards provided. If a recommended renewal or expiration date is not present, then CPTN will honour the card for 1-Year from the date of completion.

Certification Renewal for CPTN-CPT Trainers (6 Months Overdue)

All certifications which are overdue for more than 6 months will required the trainer to be recertified. This invovles complete retesting for the CPTN-CPT theory exam and practical exam.

CPTN Award of Merit

The CPTN Award of Merit was developed to recognize the excellent contributions of CPTN Certified Personal Trainers (CPTN-CPT) in the areas of: advance certification, professional development of trainers, community involvement, athletic accomplishments and media recognition. Recognized trainers are awarded the designation: CPTN-CPT.M. Submissions can be made throughout the year and the new designations will be announced at the annual CPTN Conference.