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Online Continuing Education Courses

We provide an in-home solution to earning and maintaining a certification. For recertification as a CPTN-CPT, trainers can earn all their Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to meet their requirements through approved Online Courses.

CPTN Approved Online Courses

CPTN Online Registration
Course Member Price Non-Member Price CEC Register
Cancer and the Older Adult™ $158.20 CAD + HST $158.20 CAD + HST CPTN-7
Fascial Posture Training System Online $230.00 CAD + HST $230.00 CAD + HST CPTN-7
FKCI Fitness Boxing Online $141.60 CAD + HST $141.60 CAD + HST CPTN-4
FKCI Fitness Kickboxing Online $141.60 CAD + HST $141.60 CAD + HST CPTN-4
NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Level 1 $264.60 CAD + HST $274.34 CAD + HST CPTN-7
NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Level 2 $353.10 CAD + HST $367.26 CAD + HST CPTN-7
NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Online $264.60 CAD + HST $274.34 CAD + HST CPTN-7
SrFit™: Mature Fitness Program $360.00 CAD + HST $360.00 CAD + HST CPTN-14

Online Conferences

Functional Aging Institute (FAI)

Yes to Strength (YTS)

Live YTS workshops can be booked as private one-on-one or group classes at your location with content adapted to your needs. Please call 416-979-1654 or e-mail Education Services to book a live training class.

YTS - FPM Mind-Body Specialist

YTS - FPM Bodyweight Training Specialist

YTS - FPM Progressive Trunk Training Specialist

YTS - FPM Barbell Training Specialist

FPM Program Design Specialist (Principles to Practice)

FPM Program Design Specialist (Prepare to Move)

FPM Program Design Specialist (Move Better)

FPM Program Design Specialist (Body Composition)

FPM Program Design Specialist (Strength)

FPM Minimal Equipment Training Specialist

CPTN Preapproved Online Courses

CECs earned through these CPTN preapproved courses can be used towards Certification Renewal. All other providers or courses not listed requires a CEC Petition for verification. Courses taken must be completed within 6 months.

American Academy of Health and Fitness (AAHF)

Girls Gone Strong (GGS)

Human Kinetics (HK)

Important: Certificates issued indicating the CPTN credits (CECs) earned will be accepted while all others will require a CEC Petition. If an approved course certificate does not indicate the CPTN credits, please contact Human Kinetics.

International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA)

Precision Nutrition (PN)

Strong Education LLC

Becoming a Preapproved Online CEC Provider

To learn how to be a CPTN Online CEC Provider, please contact Education Services for more information.