CPTN Certified Pilates Mat and Verticals Specialist (CPTN-CPMVS)

Certification Requirements

Candidates must achieve the following:

  • Be age 18 or older.
  • Hold current First Aid (STANDARD or EMERGENCY) certification.
  • Hold current Adult-Child-Infant CPR C/AED certification.
  • Log practical hours (20 hours – 5 hours observation, 15 hours teaching)
  • Successfully complete the theory exam (100 multiple choice questions, 2 hours, 75% or higher for success)
  • Successfully complete the practical exam (demonstration of 10 exercises with 2 each from preludes, basic, intermediate, advanced and verticals repertoire; 30 minute video recording of class or private session, 75% or higher for success)

Additional Recommended Hours:

  • 25+ hours for self-study
  • 25+ hours of practicum (observations and practice teaching)


Learn how to teach Pilates exercises and build sessions to improve your clients' alignment, mobility and posture. The basis for the success of the Pilates exercise method is the knowledge, experience and development of the critical eye to detect corrections in a client's body and the ability to communicate the goal of each exercise. CPTN has developed a comprehensive curriculum with expertise in movement, physical education and rehabilitation to facilitate your success in learning and teaching the classical and contemporary Pilates mat and verticals repertoire. The courses can be taken separately for professional development (CEC) or as a full specialist certification. Designed for personal trainers, fitness instructors, specialty trainers and Pilates enthusiasts, you will receive a certificate after successful completion of all of the program requirements and recognized with the credentials of a CPTN Certified Pilates Mat and Verticals Specialist™ (CPTN-CPMVS).

Learning Objectives

These learning objectives aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Pilates principles, teaching techniques and client interactions for your success as a CPTN-CPMVS.

  • Foundational Principles: Identify the core principles of Pilates exercises and its origins.
  • Anatomy and Movement: Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, focusing on the muscles, bones and movement mechanics.
  • Mat Exercise Mastery: Develop a diverse repertoire of Pilates mat exercises, learning their proper execution, modifications and progressions.
  • Cueing and Instruction: Practise effective cueing techniques to articulate precise instructions, facilitate safe movements and enhance the mind-body connection for diverse clients.
  • Session Planning and Sequencing: Develop the skills to design well-structured and balanced Pilates mat sessions to meet the different abilities of clients for single and multiple private and small group sessions.

Course Modules

Module 1: CPTN-CPMVS Functional Anatomy (7 hours)

Equivalent: CPTN-CPT, CPTN-GFL, college or university course in anatomy

Module 2: Pilates Preludes™ & Mat Classics (14 hours)

Prerequisite: Functional Anatomy or equivalent

Module 3: Pilates Mat (Intermediate and Advanced) & Applications (14 hours)

Prerequisite: Pilates Preludes™ and Mat Classics, or equivalent

Module 4: Pilates Verticals Repertoire (14 hours)

Recommended prerequisite: Pilates Mat & Applications

Module 5: Pilates Balls & Props (14 hours)

Recommended prerequisite: Pilates Preludes™ and Classic Mat


  • View the Workshops page for upcoming courses and Examinations page for required testing.