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CPTN Certified Personal Trainer (CPTN-CPT)

Requirements to be completed within 6 months of passing the theory exam

CPTN Certified Personal Trainer candidates must:

  • Be age 18 or older.
  • Hold current First Aid (STANDARD or EMERGENCY) certification.
  • Hold current Adult-Child-Infant CPR C/AED certification.
  • Provide proof of minimum practice experience with either of the following two options:
    • Submit a signed Personal Trainer Log (PDF, 95KB)for one-on-one or group training sessions totalling 20 hours.
      • Can consist of 1 person for 20 hours of training
      • Can consist of 4 people for 5 hours OR 5 people for 4 hours of training
      • Can include up to 5 hours of observation of a Certified Personal Trainer training
      • Can include up to 5 hours of mentorship training with a Certified Personal Trainer
    • or submit a completed institutional Degree/Diploma including official/unofficial transcripts in the Health Sciences or equivalent field (e.g. BKin, BPHE, BPhE, etc…). Please contact Education Services for approval of Degree/Diploma.
  • Complete and pass all required practical assessments as directed in the instructional e-mail.
  • Submit all requirements using our Document Upload page within the allotted time for certificate to be issued.


The CPTN-CPT certification is recognized across Canada and abroad. The certification process consists of an online theory exam and an in-person practical exam. A distant practical option is given to candidates who are not located near an available practical assessor. International candidates can complete the entire certification process online.

Once certification status is acquired, all CPTN-CPT must keep relevant in terms of continuing education through Online Courses, Workshops or Conferences to maintain certification status. Members are not limited to CPTN approved courses and can take related courses then Petition it for approval to maintain status through our Certification Renewal process.

Getting Started

To begin the CPTN-CPT certification process please read our Getting Started Guide to determine level of experience.

Theory Examination Guidelines

The theory exam is online and consists of 120 random selected multiple-choice questions including true/false, matching, comprehension cases, and application based questions. It is 180 minutes (3 hours) in duration and requires a passing grade of 75% (90/120). Your score will be recorded and shown at the end upon test submission. You are allowed to rewrite the exam multiple times if a passing grade was not achieved after reviewing the categories in which a poor grade was indicated. Please refer to the testing categories below for a breakdown.


  • Theory Exam Duration: 180 Minutes (3 Hours)
  • Passing Grade: 75% (90/120)

Important: You must achieve a passing grade on the theory exam before proceeding to the practical exam. You will be e-mailed instructions for completing the practical assessment within 2 business days of passing the theory exam.

Practical Examination Guidelines

The practical exam is a demonstration of exercise techniques, communication skills, needs assessments and program progression. Practical assessments are a minimum of 60 minutes in duration and requires a passing grade of 75%. You will be given feedback from the qualified Practical Assessor. Information regarding how to schedule an appointment for an assessment will be e-mailed within 2 business days of passing the theory exam. Please refer to testing categories below for a breakdown.

Tip: Candidates requiring assistance with the design templates for the written component of the practical exam can order the CPTN-CPT Online Program Design Tutorial which provides instructions on how to complete that component.


  • Practical Exam Duration: 60 Minutes (1 Hour)
  • Passing Grade: 75%

Important: Your practical assessment results will be processed within 2-3 weeks of the assessment date. Please submit the required documents (First Aid and CPR, etc.) through online submission or e-mail to


  • You will earn the distinction CPTN-CPT.