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CPTN Certified Group Fitness Leader (CPTN-CGFL)

Certification Requirements

Candidates must achieve the following:

Getting Started

To become a CPTN Group Fitness Leader follow these three simple steps below:

1. Ensure You Meet the Requirements

  1. Ensure that your Personal Trainer Certification, First Aid and CPR/AED status are current.
  2. Register for and complete the Group Fitness Leader for Personal Trainers workshop.

2. Review for the examination

Review the material in the course text and notes taken from the workshops. All the theory exam questions originate from material covered in the course text and the workshops.

3. Write the Certification Theory Exam

When you feel confident of your acquired knowledge you can write the theory exam online on the Examinations page.

Important: The exam will begin right after completion of registration and payment. Your score will be shown at the end. If a passing grade was achieved, we will then e-mail instructions for the practical exam within 2 business days.


The CPTN Group Fitness Leader distinction for personal trainers is designed for future group leaders. This certification course provides the skills required to teaching a variety of group fitness classes, whether it is in a large facility studio or in-house boutique small group training.

Theory Examination Guidelines

The theory exam will cover the following areas related to Group Fitness Leadership training. The theory exam format is 80 random selected multiple-choice questions. It is 120 minutes (2 Hours) in duration and the passing grade is 75% or higher.

Topics Covered

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Exercise and Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Music, Fundamental Choreography and Cueing
  • Cardiorespiratory Training
  • Designing Muscle Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Injuries
  • Modifications for Group Exercise Classes
  • Informed Consent Forms

Practical Assessment Guidelines

The Certified Group Fitness Leader candidates must complete a practical assessment that shows leadership in a group fitness class setting with a minimum of 60 minutes in duration and requires a passing grade of 75%. You will be given feedback from the qualified Practical Assessor. Candidates may choose between hi/lo, step or boot camp. Group Fitness Leader candidates are expected to follow the standard guidelines when leading the class i.e. the class must consist of a warm-up, cardiovascular component, muscle endurance, stretch and relaxation.

Topics Covered

  • Presentation and coherence in knowledge of training principles
  • Safety
  • Acute training variables
  • Appropriateness of class design suited for all abilities

Required Texts

  • CPTN, (2020). CPTN Group Fitness Leadership (3rd Edition) Manual. CPTN.

Required Testing

  • Duration: 120 minutes (2 Hours) / 60 minutes (1 Hour)
  • Passing Grade: Theory Exam – 75% or higher / Practical Exam – 75% or higher in each major component tested


  • You will earn the designation CPTN-CGFL.