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Riaz Aziz’s Personal Trainer Profile

Photo of Riaz Aziz
Riaz Aziz, CPTN-CPT.M
Status: Active
Phone (Day): 416-937-7420
Phone (Night): N/A
City: Toronto
Province/State: Ontario
Country: Canada
E-mail: Consult Trainer
Website: N/A
Education: BA
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • STW-FSTFS Level 3
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach
  • FMT
  • Personal Training (In-Studio)
  • Active Facilitated Stretching
  • Active Recovery Specialist
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Cancer Onco-Rehab (Post-Cancer Treatment Rehab & Exercise)
  • Prehabilitation (Proactive Injury Prevention)
  • Post-Rehabilitation (Arm and Leg Injuries / Upper and Lower Back Pain / Postural Correction / Repetitive Strain Injuries / Post-Treatment Surgical Rehabilitation)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Employment Recruitment Readiness Fitness
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Fascial Movement Taping
  • Myofascial Stretching
  • Nutrition Coaching (Eating for Rehab & Recovery / Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation / Diet Planning / Cancer Nutrition)
  • Performance Taping
  • Senior Fitness Training
Affiliations: RIAXION (Founder)
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Riaz Aziz’s Continuing Education Courses

Riaz has completed the following additional courses for self-improvement and to improve client training:

Riaz Aziz’s Health & Fitness Reading Resources

Riaz Aziz’s Client Before/After Transformation Photos

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Riaz Aziz’s Videos of Practical / Instruction / Demonstrations

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Riaz Aziz’s Awards / Media Recognition

Riaz has not submitted references to reports, magazines, newspapers, radio or television media.

Riaz Aziz’s Reviews / References / Testimonials

Riaz taught me about movement and health that really made a difference in my life. His intelligent and holistic approach helped me get from 40% bodyfat to 26% in 6 months at the same bodyweight with increased athleticism and strength! I now have the energy and ability to fully engage in all the physical arenas of my life. I am a transformed man. My wife, my 2 young sons and I thank you, Riaz. – Richard M.

Riaz knew his stuff. He challenged some of my out-dated notions regarding "working out hard", and made exercising fun. His attentativeness, his professionalism and engaging personality made for a rewarding and enjoyable relationship; I just wish my pocketbook had enabled me to continue this partnership longer. I recommend Riaz without reservation. – Beverly T.

My experience with Riaz has been both inspiring and invigorating. The results have surpassed my expectations. Riaz took the time to listen and understand what my goals were and applied his extensive knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition to design a program to best suit my needs as an athlete. He knows how to get the most of you and doesn’t miss a beat! His passion for his profession certainly is evident, as he is a hard working & dedicated young man who truly cares for you as a client and friend. Thanks Riaz. – Joanne R.

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