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CPTN Membership Renewal Online For Non-Certified CPTN Members

CPTN membership is due for renewal on or prior to the date of expiration. Renewal will reinstate access to the Members Portal and enable discounted rates on registration forms. We thank those interested in their continued support of CPTN.

CPTN Membership Renewal Fees

1-Year Renewal Option

  • $47.50 CAD + HST

2-Year Renewal Option

  • $85.50 CAD + HST

Note: Upon achieving certification status, membership expiration date will be extended to reflect the certificate date of expiration. Certified trainers will not require membership renewal. Membership is included with Certification Renewal.

Membership Renewal Online Form (Excludes CPTN Certification Renewal)

Membership renewal is recommended for those who have not achieved CPTN certification status or who wish to continue receiving membership rates on courses offered through our Online Courses, Workshops or Conferences.

Membership Renewal Form:
Note: Trainers renewing their certifications are recommended to use the Certification Renewal Form. Membership will be wavied.
Note: Your unshortened given name from a valid Photo ID card.
e.g. Bill, Chris, Mike, Nick, Pat, Rick, Sam, Tim, Will, etc…
e.g. Apt 1, Unit 23, Suite 45, RR 6, PO Box 789, etc.
e.g. 123-456-7890, 123-456-7890 x123, +012-345-678-0910
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