Denisele Patron’s Personal Trainer Profile

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Denisele Patron, CPTN-CPT
Status: Active
Phone (Day): N/A
Phone (Night): N/A
City: Vaughan
Province/State: Ontario
Country: CA
E-mail: Consult Trainer
Website: N/A
Education: Diploma
Certifications: First Aid
Specialties: Health and Fitness Education Instruction
Personal Training (In-Home / In-Studio / Gym)
Affiliations: N/A
Web Search: Health and Fitness Education Instruction Vaughan, Personal Training (In-Home / In-Studio / Gym) Vaughan

Denisele Patron’s Continuing Education Courses

Denisele has not taken additional courses for self-improvement and to improve client training.

Denisele Patron’s Top 10 Health & Fitness Reading Resources

Denisele Patron’s Clients Before/After Transformation Photos

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Denisele Patron’s Videos of Practical / Instruction / Demonstrations

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Denisele Patron’s Awards / Media Recognition

Denisele has not submitted references to reports, magazines, newspapers, radio or television media.

Denisele Patron’s Reviews / References / Testimonials

Denisele Patron has completed a theoretical examination which requires significant cognitive reasoning abilities and has also completed the CPTN-CPT practical examination which involves attentive listening, prompt thinking and communication skills. This assures that Denisele posess a goal oriented mindset. We are confident that Denisele will be a great candidate to service the needs of fitness clients in the specialties indicated. – CPTN Inc.

Merit Points: 30 / 60+ (Award of Merit)

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