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2023 CPTN Personal Trainer Online Summit CECs

Continuing Education Credits

The 2023 CPTN Personal Trainer Summit has been approved for the following Continuing Education Credits (CECs):

CPTN (Certified Professional Trainers Network)

OFC (Ontario Fitness Council)

  • Earn up to 14 OFC credits

Credit Requirements

To receive the credit assigned to a session, you must complete the short quiz available with the session. The quiz consists of five multiple-choice questions. You must answer 3/5 questions correctly (60%) to receive the credit for a session. Registrants who indicate they require credits will receive a certificate of completion for the event when they complete 7 or 14 hours. One session equals 1 or 1.5 credits.

Timeline to Complete Credits

Registrants who need to earn credits have up to 3 months from the event launch date (September 10, 2023) to complete their required credits.