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Conference 2014 Speaker Biographies

Graham Brown, BPHE, NCCP, CPT

Graham Brown is the membership director at New Heights Fitness Centre in Hanover, Ontario. He holds a degree in physical education and Kinesiology and additional training in Coaching and Sports Psychology. He spent a year overseas studying at an elite sports school where he taught North American sports and coached several athletes. His qualifications in fitness, and ability to teach, have given him several opportunities within the fitness industry as an educator, conducting courses for people wanting to become a personal trainer and a presenter for conferences and seminars.

Christopher Chapman, BKin, CEP, CSCS, NCCP Trained

Christopher Chapman currently works as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Assistant Sport Scientist for the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario. He is primarily responsible for Canada’s National Teams in the sports of CanoeKayak, Trampoline and Women’s Hockey Junior Program. Chris is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Certified Level 1 Kinanthropomitrist (ISAK) and NCCP trained in Olympic Weightlifting and Track & Field (Sprints and Jumps). He is currently completing a Master of Science in Biomechanics at the University of Toronto. His area of focus is the biomechanics of exercise and movement systems theory.

Michael Chapman, RYT, CPTN-CPT, CPTN-CYS

Michael Chapman, owner and head instructor of Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios, has studied yoga for over 29 years and taught yoga full time for the last 11 years. Having taught thousands of classes, Mike has developed a unique approach to yoga based on his experiences not only as a yoga instructor, but also as a personal trainer, coach and fitness instructor. He has combined these experiences to offer the Breathe Into Motion Yoga System. Mike has had the good fortune to study with ashtanga yoga masters Danny Paradise, David Williams, David Swenson, Nicki Doane and Ed Modestini, as well as study anatomy under Thomas Myers (author of Anatomy Trains and student of Ida Rolf). For more information, please visit

Mike Cicinelli, CMC, CHT, CMPTLT, CPTN-CPT

Mike Cicinelli is the CEO of SHED Fitness & Conditioning Inc., Head instructor at SHED school of Hypnotherapy, Board Approved Coach and Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and CPTN Certified Personal Trainer. Mike opened SHED Fitness in 2010 with the intention of empowering Personal Trainers to professional success and raising the level of personal training in the community. His passion for fitness started at a young age and it continues to grow especially in the area of personalized coaching. His passion and excitement to continually learn more is what drives him to teach some of the top mind-body tools recognized in the world today. Mike believes that as a fitness and health coach we have the opportunity to create and influence some of the greatest successes in our clients’ lives. How we do that is what keeps its fun. For more information, please visit

Patricia Clark, BPHE

Patricia Clark has worked with The Active Living Coalition for Older Adults (ALCOA) in the capacity as National Executive Director since 2007. She has over 30 years’ experience working in the health and fitness field at both the provincial and national level. She has made numerous presentations across Canada speaking to practitioners, older adults and the media about the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Maureen Connolly, PhD, CPTN-CPT, CSCS

Maureen Connolly is a professor of Physical Education and Kinesiology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Brock University. Interests include narrative and arts-based inquiry, poetic and bodily expressive modalities and how these function across scholarly, pedagogic and other creative outlets. A university and national teaching award winner, Maureen’s teaching and research include curriculum, stressed embodiment (disability studies), movement education, and Freirian approaches to teaching and learning.

Julia Di Paolo, BSc PT, Cert MDT, MCPA, Reg PT

Julia Di Paolo is a co-founder of Bellies Inc. – a company dedicated to abolishing mummy tummy. Julia is a pelvic floor physiotherapist who has been treating pre and post-natal women for nearly a decade. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others to help increase awareness about women’s health. For more information, please visit

Kevin Duguay, CPTN-CPRCS

Kevin Duguay graduated from the Athletic Training and Management Program at Sheridan College in 1984, receiving the Cooper Canada Award for Outstanding Achievement. He is a Sports Rehabilitation Specialist and has worked as the Head Athletic Therapist for a wide range of teams in both professional and amateur settings. He has also lectured at Seneca, Humber and Sheridan College in the field of health and wellness.

Lee Fielder, MA, BKin, CPTN-CPT

Lee Fielder has a Master of Arts in Applied Health Science from Brock University and is currently teaching health and fitness topics part-time at the college level. She has been CPTN-CPT certified since 2003, a Practical Assessor since 2009 and a Course Conductor since 2010. She has had the opportunity to share her experience at conferences dealing with creating proficient trainers and dealing with challenging clients. Lee has trained a wide range of clientele but enjoys working with Boomers and people with physical disabilities.

Karsten Jensen, MSc, CPTN-CPT.M, CHEK Practitioner L2, CHEK HLC L3

Karsten Jensen is a strength and conditioning expert who has trained world-class and Olympic athletes and coaches from 13 different sports for over 16 years. He has taught several certification, college and continuing education courses for novice trainers and European national team coaches. Karsten believes in the unlimited potential of individuals and shares his views as an international speaker. He is also the author of several books, an educator with CPTN and a contributing writer to several online training resources and magazines in both English and Danish. He shares insider principles of world-class strength and conditioning methods through his website. For more information, please visit

Larry Jusdanis, BPHEd, CPTN-CPT

Larry Jusdanis is the owner of SST – the #1-rated speed facility in Canada. He has been training athletes for the last 16 years and is the leader in Speed training. His athletes include NFL, CFL, NHL, NCAA, CIS and more importantly young athletes! Larry is the Canadian and Northern US Director of the National Association of Speed and Explosion. For more information, please visit

Igor Klibanov, BA

Igor Klibanov was selected as one of the top five personal trainers in Toronto by Metro News newspaper and is the author of a book called Unlimited Progress: How to Unlock Your Body’s Potential. In 2010, he founded Fitness Solutions Plus, which provides both personal training and fitness education. For more information, please visit

Deanna Lawson-Langford, BA, CPTN-CPT, OFC-TFL

Deanna Lawson-Langford is a fitness coordinator at YWCA Hamilton, with 20 years’ experience in the fitness field. As a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and instructor trainer, Deanna shares her passion for educating new and experienced fitness professionals by providing engaging, practical and effective program/exercise ideas. For more information, please visit

David Lee, BA, CPTN-CPT

David Lee is a Naturotherapist, certified in Herbalism, Nutrition, Shiatzu, Quantum Bio-Feedback, Iridology and a certified trainer for the past 15 years. He has competed in regional powerlifting and bodybuilding and practised some martial arts.

Evan Lewis, MSc, PhD (C), CSCS

Evan Lewis completed his Masters at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Kinesiology, where he investigated the hydration and energy requirements for Canadian Sailing Team athletes in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. From there he moved to the Department of Nutritional Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine to pursue his PhD researching the effects of different nutritional interventions on human performance and health. Evan is currently investigating the use of omega-3 supplements to improve athletic performance and adaptations to training.

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh, BA, PTS, PFS, NWS, RAB

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh is a co-founder of Bellies Inc. – a company dedicated to abolishing mummy tummy. As a certified pre and post-natal exercise specialist and the mother of 2 girls she has established herself as an expert in the field and created the successful "ab rehab" program for the treatment of DRA, which has helped hundreds of clients. Samantha is the fitness expert on the Marilyn Denis Show. For more information, please visit

Brad Norris, MEd, CEP, RKin

Brad Norris, company founder and lead clinician of Power Tek Fitness, is an exercise physiologist/kinesiologist and Poliquin-certified strength coach. As a former member of the Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Program, he holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. Over the last 25 years, Brad has served as a strength and conditioning/human performance consultant working with athletes at every level of sport including the OHL, NHL, CFL and NCAA Team programs including Stanford University and the Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Program. He is a sought-after lecturer in the fields of human performance, program design and injury prevention.

Angela Pereira, BSc, CSCS, CES

Angela Pereira is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science Kinesiology program at the University of Waterloo, Angela Pereira has specialized in clinical assessment and the prescription of therapeutic exercise over the course of her 20-year career. Previously the founder and President of the First Line Group of companies – First Line Kinesiologists Inc., First Line Education Inc. and First Line Works Inc. Angela closed these companies in 2013 and continues her practice as a sole practitioner operating as Angela Pereira Kinesiology. For more information, please visit

Melissa Putt, BA, CPTN-CPT

Melissa Putt is the owner of Healthy Habits Nutrition and Fitness Consulting Inc. for the past 27 years. Throughout her career she has trained in fascial normalization modalities including Somatherapy, Cranial Sacral, Thai massage and Fascial Fitness. Her mantra is to change posture through fascial release is the root of permanent physical change. For more information, please visit

Jodi Robinson, BSc, RD

Jodi Robinson is a Registered Dietitian, Fitness Professional and Professor at Humber College. She specializes in nutrition for physical activity, weight management, disordered eating and chronic disease management. Jodi is acting co-chair of the Dietitians of Canada Consulting Network and consults regularly with media and the food industry. With a background in fitness, Jodi provides personal training and group fitness, and is currently enrolled in yoga teacher training. For more information, please visit

Derek Salvador, BA, CSCS

Derek Salvador brings over 10 years of experience working with clients from rehabilitation to high performance in individual and team settings. He is currently the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Oakville Soccer Club U13 Boys and Girls teams. He recently held the position of Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Givova Soccer Academy and as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for Guelph Wrestling. As an athlete, Derek competed for many years in the Ontario Soccer League, winning a league championship in 2007. For more information, please visit

Nicholas Smith, BPE, Autism Specialist

Nicholas Smith is a teacher in the Niagara region with five years’ experience in programs specializing in children and youth with autism and mental illness.

Jennifer Sygo, MSc, RD

Jennifer Sygo is a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist with Cleveland Clinic Canada, and the nutrition columnist for the National Post. A service provider for the Canadian Sports Institute Ontario and Coaching Association of Canada, Jennifer works with Canada’s top national teams and Olympic athletes, sports organizations including Hockey Canada and Gymnastics Canada, as well as active individuals and weekend warriors. For more information, please visit

Trevor Cottrell, PhD, CSCS

Trevor Cottrell is the Program Coordinator for Sheridan College’s degree program in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and its new Human Performance Training certificate. He holds a PhD in Physiology and is involved in a broad area of research, ranging from cellular signaling to human performance. Trevor has coached and competed in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, highland games, strongman and tug-of-war for over 20 years. For more information, please visit

Mark Young, BKin

Mark Young holds a degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University. He has also done graduate-level research as part of the world-renowned exercise metabolism research group at McMaster and his work has been published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. Mark has 13 years’ experience as a trainer and now provides online exercise and nutrition coaching as part of the team at Lean Bodies Consulting. For more information, please visit

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