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The CPTN 21-Day Trainer-Entrepreneur Challenge


The CPTN 21-Day Trainer-Entrepreneur Challenge is designed to kick-off action planning for business start-ups or pivots. The aim of the online offering – a hybrid approach with on-demand and livestream sessions - is designed for you to have an action plan by the end of 21 days, with clearly identified niche markets, online services and marketing tools which you can implement immediately. The G.R.I.T. framework: Growth mindset, Resilience strategies, Inspired P's, and Taking actions will form the foundation of this online challenge. The Design Thinking, Media Mix and the Optimized User Experience Frameworks will be used to enhance the success of your start-up or diversification. An online community will be created specifically for each challenge to provide daily engagement and peer support. Following the challenge, the graduates of this challenge can choose to join the CPTN Facebook group for ongoing peer feedback. The daily activities will include a combination of on-demand videos, online templates, and livestream group coaching sessions. Are you ready to start or pivot your personal training and fitness business?

You Will Learn:

  • How to identify the purpose and objectives of your business.
  • How to articulate key solutions to promote to your niche market.
  • How to apply your strengths in the development of marketable services.
  • How to identify a marketing mix to generate leads and conversions for your niche.
  • How to create an action plan that can be implemented within and beyond the challenge.

Benefits Include:

  • Daily activities will build commitment habits for your business development
  • The activities are manageable when you schedule 30–60 minutes per day
  • The exclusive online community will ensure that you are accountable to yourself and others
  • The challenge is flexible and can adapt to different niche markets

Package Includes:

  • e-book Going Online: Taking Control of Your Personal Training & Fitness Business
  • copy of the CPTN Survey of Online Services
  • copy of the CPTN Interviews of Online Services
  • 21 videos based on the key topics covered
  • 21 template worksheets to customize for your business
  • 3 livestream group coaching sessions (virtual meetings)
  • a graduation event (times TBC based on group preference)
  • exclusive online community through Facebook groups for each challenge
  • 7 CPTN CECs following submission of weekly worksheets within 1 week of the last day of the challenge
  • BONUS: following submission of the weekly worksheets, you will receive a copy of the e-workbook Awesome Presentations: How to Create Your Professional Webinars

Topics Covered

Section 1: The G.R.I.T. Framework

  • Growth Mindset
  • Resilience Strategies
  • Inspired P's
  • Taking Actions

Section 2: Building Your Online Presence

  • Business Planning & Legal Liability
  • Financial Literacy
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Building Your Website

Section 3: Client Referrals, Recruitment and Results

  • Referrals and Social Media
  • Client Communications
  • Delivering Results & Serving Clients

Required Texts

  • Lee, S. S. (2021). Going Online: Taking Control of Your Personal Training & Fitness Business, CPTN