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Jill Duff’s Personal Trainer Profile

Photo of Jill Duff
Jill Duff, CPTN-CPT
Status: Active
Phone (Day): 416-272-6078
Phone (Night): 416-272-6078
City: Dartmouth
Province/State: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
E-mail: Consult Trainer
Website: View
Education: BPE
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)
  • FST-Level 2
  • Personal Training (In-Home / Gym)
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Diabetes Management
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Life Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching (Eating to Detox) / Eating for Performance / Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation / Diet Planning / Supplementation)
  • Strength and Conditioning (Toning)
  • Weight Management (Weight Loss / Fat Loss)
  • Women's Fitness / Online Personal Training / Older Adult Training
Affiliations: Rogers
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Jill Duff’s Continuing Education Courses

Jill has completed the following additional courses for self-improvement and to improve client training:

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Jill Duff’s Videos of Practical / Instruction / Demonstrations

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Jill Duff’s Awards / Media Recognition

Jill has not submitted references to reports, magazines, newspapers, radio or television media.

Jill Duff’s Reviews / References / Testimonials

Life coaching has had a major impact on my life. Jill is an exemplar coach who has helped me realize my potential and put in place a plan to achieve my life goals. This all took place in a non-judgmental, relaxed atmosphere where Jill led me through a series of thought-provoking questions and discussions which brought about the discovery of my unique gifts and deep desires. I would highly recommend life coaching, under the expert guidance of Jill, for anyone who is serious about taking their life to a higher level. Thanks for everything Jill. – Sandi C.

Jill’s professional knowledge, her genuine concern for my well-being and her great personality made me look forward to my [7:00 AM] workouts. She was sensitive to any problems or pains that I had on a particular day and quick to defer any exercise that would make it worse or painful. Jill adds a very relaxed, yet motivating style to her training. She removed the anxieties and pressures I that I have typically associated with larger clubs. Jill was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her. – Michelle F.

I contacted Jill Duff about two years ago on the advice of my chiropractor. I have always had trouble losing and maintaining my weight but I also hated exercising. I had hired a trainer in the past and tried different programs on my own, but never saw results and became too discouraged to continue. To complicate matters, I was also experiencing knee and hip pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Jill and I have gone down a long road in getting to the bottom of the pain and in working through it. I have had one knee surgery and am waiting for more surgery for my hip, so I have not been the most mobile person. Consequently, I have been particularly appreciative of the fact that I have such a knowledgeable and supportive trainer. I have learned to trust that she will challenge me without pushing me past my limits. And even though I have not lost weight, I have a better self image because I am strong and as flexible as I can be under the circumstances. I have also benefited from the vast stores of knowledge Jill has acquired through the study of many disciplines as she continues to seek out the best health care professionals in her continuing education. Jill is an extremely professional and resourceful person and a very generous one with her time and information. Had it not been for Jill’s skill, tempered by her patience, I know I would be in a very bad place physically and emotionally. She has been able to help me through months of recovery from surgery, maintaining and then building on my strengthening and flexibility, helping me work through the pain on bad days, and getting the most of each workout on the good days. And last, but certainly not least, I have learned that exercise doesn’t have to an ordeal. I have actually begun to enjoy the benefits of accomplishing more than I ever realized I could, and Jill’s naturally bright personality makes the time pass enjoyably. I have never lasted this long with an exercise routine and I cannot stress enough what a miracle it is that I am actually sticking with it. All in all, I couldn’t have found a better trainer, or a better person. – Deborah B.

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