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Job Postings

Post Jobs for Professional Health & Fitness Trainers

We welcome postings from companies interested in hiring fitness professionals. Club chains are recommended to post the same job description for the various locations to allow individual postings to be delisted.

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e.g. John Doe, Human Resource Manager
e.g. 123-456-7890, 123-456-7890 x123, +012-345-678-0910
e.g. $25 per hour, $25000 to $50000, Negotiable
e.g. YMCA Hamilton, Movati Athletic Burlington, etc…
e.g. Toronto, ON, Canada; Various G.T.A. (ON, Canada)
e.g. 3/30/2023 (mm/dd/YYYY)
Note: This job posting will expire after this date. A minimum of 1 month deadline is recommended to be considered for posting.
e.g. Personal Trainer, Fitness Sales Representative, etc.
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