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CPTN Certified Pilates Mat & Ballwork Specialist (CPTN-CPS Discontinued)

Requirements to be completed to earn distinction

Certified Pilates Specialist candidates must:

  • Be a current CPTN Member
  • Complete Functional Anatomy workshop or equivalent
  • Complete Pilates Preludes™ and Mat Exercises – Level 1 workshop
  • Complete Pilates Mat Applications – Level 2 workshop
  • Complete Pilates on the Ball™ workshop

Pilates Preludes™ & Mat Exercises Level 1 (14 hours)

Introduce yourself to Pilates, the history and the principles. Learn about skeletal mapping, neutral spine, psoas engagement and hip/leg distinctions. Learn Pilates Classical Mat exercises including: hundred, roll up, single leg circles, rolling, single leg stretch, double leg stretch, spine stretch forward and the saw. Gain a repertoire of Pilates Preludes™ to prepare the body for the classical Pilates series.


  • Functional Anatomy workshop or equivalent

Pilates Mat Applications Level 2 (14 hours)

Learn intermediate mat exercises including: Roll over, single straight leg stretch/scissors, double straight leg stretch, crisscross, swan dive, single leg kick, double leg kick, neck pull, jack knife, side kicks, teaser and seal. Learn the applications for sport specific training, rehabilitation and periodization. Practice muscle testing to determine the right exercises for your client’s needs.


  • Pilates Preludes™

Pilates on the Ball (7 hours)

Learn about the rationale for Pilates on the Ball™ and compare the physical goals on the mat and on the ball. Learn breathing exercises, postural exercises, abdominal exercises, extensions, rehabilitation and rebuilding exercises, pilates armwork and footwork.


  • Passing Grade: Theory Exam – 75%