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FKCI™ MMA Level 1 Workshop


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting are the newest phenomenon to sweep North America. As coach of a competitive Boxing & Kickboxing club and a certified personal trainer, I find that 95% of the clients who come through the door of my facility are MMA/Ultimate Fighting fans who recognize the benefits of training authentically to improve overall fitness, learn proper self-defense and satisfy a passion, even if they aren’t interested in the full-contact, competitive side of the sport that occurs in the Octagon. This workshop is designed for you, the trainer, to tap into that MMA-UF market by incorporating authentic drills for cardio and strength using new and innovative tools, striking, kicking focus pad and floor bag ground work. This rigorous training program format will potentially capture clients who are MMA-Ultimate Fighting Fanatics, through a new-found passion for training to the extreme without fighting!

Fee includes the cost of the take-home exam. Certification status requires completion of the take-home exam.


This workshop is no longer available.