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Vicky Higgins Personal Trainer Profile

Photo of Vicky Higgins
Vicky Higgins, CPTN-CPT.M
Status: Active
Phone (Day): 416-805-9322
Phone (Night): N/A
City: Oakville
Province/State: Ontario
Country: Canada
E-mail: Consult Trainer
Website: View
Education: BComm, Diploma
Certifications: First Aid
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
Poliquin BioSignature Level 1
CSIA Level 1
Specialties: Personal Training (In-Studio)
Nutrition Coaching (Eating to Detox / Eating for Performance / Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation / Diet Planning / Supplementation)
Weight Management (Fat Loss / Weight Loss / Weight Gain)
Affiliations: Body Benefit (Founder)
Web Search: Personal Training Oakville, Nutrition Coaching Oakville, Weight Management Oakville

Vicky Higgins Continuing Education Courses

Vicky has completed the following additional courses for self-improvement and to improve client training:

Vicky Higgins Health & Fitness Reading Resources

  • Vicky has not submitted references to additional books which he has read.

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Vicky Higgins Videos of Practical / Instruction / Demonstrations

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Vicky Higgins Awards / Media Recognition

  • CPTN Award of Merit in recognition for promoting Health & Fitness

Vicky Higgin’s Volunteer / Charities

  • H20 4 ALL fund raising organizing committee member

Vicky Higgins Reviews / References / Testimonials

Using a personal trainer has become a way of life for me and the biggest gift I give myself. Being a woman in my mid fifties, I feel that one of the most important health advantages is regular fitness training. Training helps me to maintain my muscle mass and bone density as well as stabilizing weight. I also find that training with a professional trainer assists with keeping my commitment to this personal goal. I enjoy working with Vicky, she is very connected and tuned in to you as a person and we can also discuss many of the issues females have in keeping fit and healthy as we advance in our tender years. – Linda B.

About 3 years ago, I contacted Vicky Higgins to ask her if she would train me. I was feeling very bloated around the middle and my upper body strength was weak. I was a little low on energy. I also had seen Vicky and I really wanted some of her glow and energy. Vicky was very thorough in the initial assessment and listened to my goals. We discussed some success criteria and I began working out with cardio (skipping or steps) and weights (free weights and machines). Vicky worked me! I was lifting weights that I really didn’t think I could ever lift and sweating harder than I have ever sweat in my life! I felt renewed. My energy was up and my skin glowed! My muscle strength improved greatly and I gained a great sense of balance and agility. The workouts helped with everyday chores and my core was significantly stronger and tighter! I have learned so much about how I need to balance family, work. and workouts! No longer do workouts come last on my list of priorities. I have learned that the workout itself keeps you on top of your busy schedule by keeping your strength and energy up! I have physical confidence now and my posture has improved significantly. I feel more confident in managing my day-to-day stress levels. My experience with Vicky has allowed me to adapt a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. – Vicky D.

As a Masters athlete, I was looking for a trainer who understood the demands of my sport and the training needs of older females. I found that trainer in Vicky Higgins. I have been training with Vicky for two and a half years and during that time I have seen major improvement in my overall strength which, in turn, has contributed to improved performance in my sport. Because of knee and hip issues, I had never done much leg strengthening. Vicky developed workouts that took these issues into account but would ensure that I worked them. As a result, I have better leg strength than I have had in years. Vicky considers the unique needs of the individual she is working with, designs a training program that is tailored to those needs and switches it up regularly to ensure a constant challenge. She is continually upgrading and her increasing her own knowledge and this is reflected in the workouts. She motivates through positive feedback, encouragement, and gentle pushing. If a particular element of the workout is too challenging, she will modify it, but with the expectation that eventually you won’t need the modification. Vicky practices what she preaches. She understands the demands of incorporating regular workouts into a busy schedule and stands before you as proof that is possible to do so. I look forward to my workouts with Vicky. I am excited by the prospect of working with her and to finding out just how far I can go. – Susan H.

Merit Points: 64 / 60+ (Award of Merit)


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