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Michael Awe’s Personal Trainer Profile

Photo of Michael Awe is unavailable
Michael Awe, CPTN-CPT
Status: Active
Phone (Day): N/A
Phone (Night): N/A
City: Toronto
Province/State: Ontario
Country: Canada
E-mail: Consult Trainer
Website: N/A
Education: Diploma
Certifications: First Aid
Specialties: Personal Training (In-Home / In-Studio / Gym)
Nutrition Coaching (Eating for Sports Performance / Eating for Muscle Gain / Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation / Diet Planning)
Affiliations: N/A
Web Search: Personal Training (In-Home / In-Studio / Gym) Toronto, Nutrition Coaching (Eating for Sports Performance / Eating for Muscle Gain / Eating for Fat Loss / Meal Preparation / Diet Planning) Toronto

Michael Awe’s Continuing Education Courses

Michael has completed the following additional courses for self-improvement and to improve client training:

Michael Awe’s Top 10 Health & Fitness Reading Resources

Michael Awe’s Clients Before/After Transformation Photos

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Note: All approved before/after transformation photos are cropped from shoulder to knees to protect identities.

Michael Awe’s Videos of Practical / Instruction / Demonstrations

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

Michael Awe’s Awards / Media Recognition

Michael has not submitted references to reports, magazines, newspapers, radio or television media.

Michael Awe’s Reviews / References / Testimonials

Michael Awe has completed the CPTN-CPT theoretical examination which requires significant cognitive reasoning abilities and has also completed the associated practical examination which involves attentive listening, prompt thinking and communication skills. In addition, Michael has taken continuing education courses for self-improvement which should show a desire for growth, intelligence and that Michael is an over achiever who posesses a goal oriented mindset. As such we believe that Michael is someone who is trained to help teams succeed and clients meet their fitness goals. We are confident that Michael will be a great candidate to service the needs of fitness clients in the specialties indicated. – CPTN Inc.

Merit Points: 33 / 60+ (Award of Merit)


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