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2020 CPTN Personal Trainer Online Summit Online Registration

Important: Member rates requires login to Members Portal. Online registration will be closed on 05/28/2020 at 9:00 PM.

You can register online using the 2020 Summit Online Registration Form. Please refer the 2020 Summit Session Information to see the session offerings. The sessions will be presented in recorded video format and a short quiz.

Session Availability

You receive access to all online sessions and handouts for an indefinite period.

Online Sessions Pricing
Sessions Member Price Non-Member Price
All Online Sessions $299 CAD $349 CAD

Important: For student rates, please e-mail and Upload a valid photo of Student ID for proof of enrollment and wait for verification. You will be instructed on how to proceed with the online registration once verified.

Continuing Education Credits

The Online Summit has been approved for the following CECs:

  • Earn up to 14 CECs (1 Hour = 1 credit).
  • Earn up to 8 IYCA credits (1 Hour = 0.5 credits)
  • Earn up to 14 OFC credits (1 Hour = 1 credit)

The Online Summit has been enhanced with instant Online Testing:

To receive the credit assigned to a session, an accompanied short quiz must be completed. Each quiz consists of 5 multiple choice questions. You must achieve a passing grade of 3/5 questions (60%) to receive credit for a session. Registrants who require credits will receive a certificate of completion for their completed sessions after the event.

Completion Deadline

Registrants who require credits for Certification Renewal will have up to 3 months from the event launch date or enrollment to complete the required accompanied quiz. Quizzes will be removed after this deadline date.

CPTN Certification Renewal

Current CPTN Trainers require 7 credits for 1-Year or 14 credits for 2-Year Renewal. Members must login to the Members Portal for authentication. The registration form will be pre-populated with information to assist with registration.

Note: You are required to Upload PDF or JPG or e-mail to current First Aid and CPR C/AED certificate or card. CPR certificates expiring within 3 months must be renewed to be accepted for 2-Year renewals.

Cancellation or Change of Speakers

Cancellation requests must be received in writing to Information Services prior to accessing the online sessions. A processing fee of $60.00 CAD will be charged for all refunds. No refunds will be issued if the sessions have been accessed. CPTN reserves the right to cancel or change speakers due to unforeseen circumstances.

2020 CPTN Personal Trainer Online Summit Online Registration Form

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Conference Sessions:
Note: Your online session selection can consist of all FR sessions or all SA sessions or both FR sessions + SA sessions.
CPTN Certification Renewal:
This section applies to all current CPTN-CPT certification holders. If certification status has been expired for more than 6 months, please contact Education Services for the propper clearance.
Note: Proof of Completion of Standard First Aid + CPR-C certificate will also be required to complete renewal process.
Note: Current certification holders must login to Members Portal.
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