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About the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) Inc. Logo

The Official CPTN Inc. Logo

Small Image of CPTN Logo


The CPTN logo consists of an up-right maple leaf shape filled red and stroked 2 pixels black. In the middle of the maple leaf shape is a single electrocardiogram (ECG) pulse path stroked white. On both sides of the ECG path are 3 proportional line segments stroked 2 pixels white in order of height from large, medium to small. The line segments are spaced 2 pixels apart from the edge of the leaf with the large line segment connected to the ECG path on both sides. The title “Certified Professional Trainers Network” is written using the Arial regular font in a 185 degrees reflex-angular curved-path from left to right and positioned 5 pixels over and around the maple leaf shape. The abbreviated name CPTN is written below using the Arial regular font 10 pixels black and aligned center.

The maple leaf shape represents our Canadian heritage. The electrocardiogram pulse is a representation of an active life. The line segments represent the weights on a barbell used for strength training. This specific combination and arrangement of these design elements is our branded representation of a high standard of excellence for fitness professionals.

Usage Guidelines

The standard logo colours are red, black and white. Colour alterations to our logo are exclusive to CPTN Inc. for promotional purposes or our website theme. In situations where our logo colours would overpower our partners, we will choose to harmonize our logo colours with our partners content instead.

The maximum size allowed for public usage (e.g. video, print or website) which can be resized to an even smaller aspect ratio (e.g. 150 pixels x 150 pixels) is provided.

Large Image of CPTN Logo